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Slideshow Maker


24 August, 2017

PhotoSnack is an entirely web-based slideshow creator that allows you to take all of your different images and apply cool transitions and effects to get a visually attractive collection of your pictures. You can use the embed code to bring your PhotoSnack slideshow creation right into your AppDrag page for your visitors to enjoy.

To start, head to and copy the embed code they provide. When creating your embed code, make sure to select "Enable embedding for HTTPS pages" to allow your gallery to appear while in edit mode.


1 - Go to the dashboard and edit your project in the PageBuilder 

2 - Click on Add Component and select a Source Code > Javascript Source Code embedded 

3 - Double click on it to open the source code edition 

4 - Enter the PhotoSnack javacsript code found on

5 - Save your page and publish your website

24 August, 2017

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