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Music Sharing


24 August, 2017

MixCloud is a music streaming service that focuses on streaming and sharing radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts created by their users. You can embed MixCloud right onto your AppDrag page, allowing your visitors to stream your music right on your website. 

To begin, navigate to the Mixcloud song you'd like to embed into your site. From there, you can click on the Share/Embed icon to the Left of the song artwork. You can then select the "Embed" option in the top of the pop-up and choose which widget styling you would like to have embedded on your site. Once you have it looking the way you'd like, you can copy the embed code. Then:

1 - Go to the dashboard and edit your project in the PageBuilder

2 - Click on Add Component and select a Source Code > Javascript Source Code embedded

3 - Double click on it to open the source code edition

4 - Enter the MixCloud javacsript code from your clipboard

5 - Save your page and publish your website

24 August, 2017

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