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World leader and a pioneer in web accessibility, focused on helping people with disabilities to access digital information.


24 August, 2017

Make your website WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and EN 301549 compliant

EqualWeb is a world leader and pioneer in web accessibility, we provide businesses digital accessibility solutions and help people with disabilities access digital information. 

Make Your Website Accessible & Compliant with international legislation & standards: 
ADA , WCAG 2.1, Section 508 & EN 301549. 

Equalweb is fully customizable and can easily adapt to your website.
Avoid lawsuits and make your website compliant today.

1- Go to the EqualWeb Website, follow the guide there and obtain your free integration code, copy it, we will paste it later in this tutorial.

2 - Go to the dashboard and edit your project in the PageBuilder

3 - Click on Add Component and select a Source Code > Javascript Source Code embedded

From here you should drag&drop the Javascript source code element on your page, you should drop it in the footer area of your site, this way it will be replicated on all pages of your website!

4 - Double click on it to open the source code edition

5 - Paste the code you got at step 1 and save

5 - Save your page and publish your website
Done, your website is now compliant :)

Bonus: All this above in a GIF 


24 August, 2017

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